Who we are and what is our goal
Rob Roodenburg, MSc (author)
Frans de Winter, MSc (co-author)
Oscar van Duijn, MSc (co-author)

We are three Dutch academic engineers coming from different industries, without a professional link to a university. The academics in us want to use and check formulas in order to predict the correct and measurable outcomes. We are practical users of the formulas of physics; we want to use Einstein’s theories of Special and General Relativity as well as Bohr’s Quantum Theory to understand the universe from its very small building blocks to its overall size and energy.

On the Shoulders of Giants
Down to earth engineers as we are, we base ourselves on the proven fundamentals of physics. To us, Noether’s conservation laws of energy and momentum are the key to the repair of Einstein’s relativity theories. Noether was a pupil of Hilbert; both of them were convinced that Einstein’s theory of General Relativity did not fulfill the requirements to prove energy conservation. In Noether and Hilbert, we find two (deceased) allies in our quest. In this book we will unite Einstein’s local energy-momentum conservation with Noether’s frame wide energy-momentum conservation, see figure below.










Figure: Uniting Noether’s conservation laws with Einstein’s Relativity

We also base ourselves on the Quantum Theory, with the emphasis on Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and the Fredkin finite nature hypothesis. In other words, we stand on the shoulders of giants of fundamental physics like Einstein (relativity), Noether (energy-momentum conservation), Bohr (quantum physics) and Fredkin (digital physics). We also base our theory on the work of Schwarzschild (solving Einstein’s field equations for a singularity and for a static sphere) and Robertson-Walker (solving Einstein’s field equations for the universe based on “comoving coordinates”).

Abiding all Experiments and Observations
We accept the outcomes of all relativistic experiments. We have tested our theory against the following experiments: Michelson-Morley, Ives-Stilwell, Kündig, Pound-Rebka, Shapiro, and Hafele-Keating. We accept all of the following observations: Eddington’s observation of the bending of starlight around the sun, Mercury’s perihelion precession, the gravitational redshift of the sun on earth, the redshift of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR), the distribution of galaxies over its redshift, the behavior of clocks in (GPS) satellites, the gravitational waves as measured by Hulse and Taylor, and the change in gyroscope orientation of Gravity Probe-B. In summary, our theory is not in conflict with the outcome of any relativistic experiment.