Contrary to popular believe, there are many Schwarzschild Solutions. Karl himself found one to a mass-point and one to a sphere of in-compressible liquid early 1916. After Karl’s death Einstein made important changes in his  official publication: he abandoned his g = -1 requirement in a footnote.

Nobody checked Einstein’s work on this and so nobody corrected Karl Schwarzschild’s solutions, which led to more copying and mystics. This article is about the meaning of the Covariant metric tensor  and curved space-time within a Euclidean reference frame. Historic errors are researched on inconsistencies.

As a consequence, with Noether’s theorem, the Schwarzschild Solution is analysed and repaired conform Einstein’s documents. It results in an elegant solution, abiding all observations, explains the Shapiro delay, rejects Black hole singularities and the so-called ‘event-horizon’ is proved not-existent.


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